Using The Maki App Customizer

Last updated on 16th of May 2024

Creating a customized Maki app is a great way to personalized your Discord server. This article will provide you with clear, detailed step-by-step tutorial on setting up and configuring your Maki app. Let's get started!

Create Your Application

  1. Go to Discord's developer portal and create an application. Discord Developer Portal

  2. Give your application a nice name and click "Create". You can change your app's name at any time. Create An Application

Configuring Your App

  1. Go to the "Bot" tab of your application. Tab Menu

  2. Scroll down to the "Authorization Flow" section and disable the "Public Bot" setting. Disable Public Bot

  3. Scroll further down to the "Privileged Gateway Intents" section and enable the "Server Members Intent" and the "Message Content Intent". Then, click the green Save Changes button to save these changes. Important Settings

Getting Your Token

  1. While still on the "Bot" tab, scroll back up to the "Build-A-Bot" section. Build A Bot Section

  2. A pop-up will appear asking if you're sure. Click "Yes, do it!" and follow the authorization steps if you have 2FA enabled. Reset Bot Token

  3. Click the "Copy" button underneath your token to copy it. Copy Token

⚠️ Your token is sensitive and super secret! Do not give it to anyone else. Doing so may cause significant harm to your server! If you think someone might have access to your token, follow the two steps above again to reset your token.

Starting Your Customized Maki App

  1. Go to the app customizer module and paste your token.

  2. Click "Start App" to start your app.

  3. Click the "Add App" button to add your new customized Maki app to your server.

  4. Kick Maki from your server.

Cleaning Up

Some servers may experience issues when switching from Maki to their custom Maki app. Here are some things you may have to change or reconfigure:

If you experience any issues with the app customizer, don't hesitate to join our support server. We're here to help!