How To Set Up Permissions For Maki Commands

Last updated on 20th of May 2024

Managing permissions for Maki commands allows you to control which members can use specific commands and in which channels. Follow these steps to restrict command usage for certain roles or channels.

Access Integrations

  • Go to your server settings.
  • Navigate to the "Integrations" tab.

Server Settings Integrations

Manage Maki

  • Find Maki in the list of bots and apps.
  • Click the "Manage" button next to Maki.

Modify Member Permissions

  • Use the toggles to modify which members or roles can use commands.
  • Click "Add roles or members" to specify who can access Maki’s commands.

Modify Member Permissions

Modify Channel Permissions

  • Use the toggles to specify which channels allow Maki’s commands.
  • Click "Add channels" to select the channels where commands can be used.

Customize Command Permissions

  • Scroll down to the "Commands" section.
  • Here, you can customize permissions for each command individually.
  • Selecting an individual command will bring up the command-specific toggles, where you can make any necessary changes.

Example: Setting Up Permissions for the /ban Command

1. Select the /ban Command

  • In the "Commands" section, find and click on the /ban command.

2. Set Role & Member Overrides

  • Add roles or members who can use the /ban command by clicking "Add roles or members".
  • Use the toggles to allow or deny access for each role or member.

3. Set Channel Overrides

  • Add channels where the /ban command can be used by clicking "Add channels".
  • Use the toggles to allow or deny command usage in each channel.

Ban Command Permissions

4. Save Changes

  • Once you have configured the permissions, click the "Save" button to apply the changes.

By following these steps, you can effectively manage and restrict the usage of Maki commands, ensuring that only authorized members can use certain commands in designated channels. If you need help with setting up permissions, don't hesitate to join our support server. We're here to help!