How To Receive Youtube Notifications In Your Discord Server

Last updated on 20th of May 2024

Setting Up YouTube Notifications

  1. Access the Notifications Module: Go to the notifications module on the dashboard.

  2. Open the YouTube Menu: Tap on the dropdown menu to reveal all available options.

Setting Up a Notification Message

By default, the notification message is set as follows: {} has uploaded a new video! {}

You can customize this message to fit your needs. Use the emoji picker located above the message box to add emojis. You can also utilize the variables list to include additional information.

Setting Up the Notifications Channel

Choose a channel where Maki will send the notifications. Pick a channel from the list. After configuring your message and channel, click "Save Changes".

Setting Up Subscriptions

Copy the link of the YouTube channel you want to be notified about. Click on the + icon, paste the link, and then click "Subscribe". Maki will now notify you whenever the specified YouTuber uploads a new video.