How To Play Music With Maki

Last updated on 20th of May 2024

Getting Started

  1. Join a Voice Channel: Ensure that you are connected to a voice channel in your Discord server.

  2. Play Music: Use the /play command to start playing music. Maki will automatically join the voice channel and start playing the song or adding it to the queue. /play Michael Jackson - Billie Jean

Additional Music Commands

Maki offers a variety of music commands to enhance your listening experience. Here are a few examples:

  • /queue: Display the queued songs.

  • /pause: Pause the music.

  • /resume: Resume the music.

  • /skip: Skip the current song.

  • /volume: Change the volume of the music.

  • /shuffle: Shuffle the queued songs.

  • /effect: Apply an effect to your music, enhancing your listening experience with a personalized touch.

For a full list of commands and detailed descriptions, visit the Maki commands page.

Unlock More with Maki Premium

Upgrade to Maki Premium to unlock even more music commands, enhancing your user experience and taking your Discord server to the next level. Premium features include advanced music controls to make your listening experience truly amazing.

By following these steps and using these commands, you can easily manage and enjoy music on your server with Maki. Happy listening!