How To Delete Moderations With Maki

Last updated on 20th of May 2024

Method 1: Deleting Moderation Logs for Free Servers

For servers without Premium, you can delete moderation logs directly by removing the log message in your moderation logs channel. 1. Locate the Moderation Log: Find the specific log message you want to delete in the moderation logs channel.

  1. Delete the Message: Right-click on the message and select "Delete Message" to remove the moderation log.

Method 2: Using the /moderations Command for Premium Servers

Premium servers can take advantage of the /moderations command for a more streamlined and feature-rich moderation management experience.

Steps to Use the /moderations Command

  1. Invoke the Command: Use the /moderations command followed by the username or user ID of the member whose moderation logs you want to manage.

  2. Select Moderation Type: You will see a list of moderation types (e.g., mutes, warns, kicks, bans). Select the type you wish to manage.

  3. Delete a Moderation: Click the bin emoji (🗑️) next to the moderation entry you want to delete.

Moderation Overview

Extra Features of the /moderations Command

Premium servers can benefit from additional functionalities that enhance moderation management:

  1. Attaching Proof to Moderations: Easily attach screenshots or other proof to moderation entries to keep detailed records.

  2. Viewing All Moderations: Quickly view all moderation entries for a user in one place, making it easier to track their history.

  3. Editing Moderation Reasons: Modify the reason for any moderation entry to ensure accuracy and clarity in your records.

Editing Moderation By following these steps, you can efficiently manage and delete moderation logs in your server, whether you are using the free or Premium version of Maki. Enjoy streamlined moderation management and keep your server running smoothly!