Assigning Roles To Certain Levels

Last updated on 20th of May 2024

Reward your members for being active in your server by giving them roles. You can optionally add perks and permissions to these roles too! Follow this article to learn how to set up level roles.

Creating Level Roles

  1. Create Roles: Navigate to the "Roles" tab in your Discord server settings and create the roles you want to assign to your members.

  2. Configure Role Rewards: Once you have your roles set up, go to the levels module and scroll down to the "Role Rewards" section. Here, you will see a list of all the roles in your server, including the ones you just created. Assign roles to specific levels by typing the desired level in the input field next to each role.

  3. Remove Role Rewards: To remove a role reward, simply delete the number in the level input field. This will disconnect the role from the level, and Maki will no longer assign it.

Keeping Previous Roles

By default, Maki removes previous level roles, ensuring that each member only has the highest level role. If you prefer that members keep all previously earned roles, toggle the "Stack Roles" option. This setting allows members to retain all level roles they have received.

Common Issues

  1. My Roles Don't Show Up on the Dashboard: If some roles are missing on the dashboard, ensure that the role is positioned higher than the role you want Maki to assign. If the role is lower, your roles will not appear on the dashboard.

  2. My Level Role Changes Aren't Reflecting for Members: When you update your level roles, Maki will not update all members at once. Instead, members' level roles will be updated the next time they reach a new level.